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Symptoms Of A Bad Ignition Coil

    Today we're going to learn about symptoms of a bad ignition coil the purpose of the ignition coil is to convert 12 volts from the battery up to 40 000 volts which goes into the spark plug to produce spark and this spark then ignites with air and fuel to start combustion the location varies on the engine it also varies on the type of ignition system you have in this example we'll be using the coil on plug in this case each spark plug has its own ignition coil spark plugs can be on top of the engine it could be divided on the left and the right side or it could be divided from the front to the back side ignition coils typically last around 100000 miles so if your car is around that range it's definitely something to consider so the first symptom is an engine light if it's on scan the codes if p0300 through p0312 show up this indicates a misfire some cars provide codes from p035 through p0362 which specify a problem with the ignition coils now if you guys don't have a scanner to read these codes just go to o'reilly's or autozone and they'll do a scan for free the second symptom is a rough idle since the ignition coil is responsible to send voltage through the spark plug for it to spark if it fails there won't be any leaving you with a misfire for example if you have a four cylinder and one cylinder has a misfire your engine is less efficient by a quarter which explains the rough idle another very important symptom that you have to get fixed right away is not subscribing the easy autofix when you fix this problem by liking and subscribing your car will easily get 1000 horsepower the third symptom is a loss of power due to misfires occurring in the engine acceleration speeds will decrease the fourth symptom is the smell of gas if the ignition coil is slowly wearing out it won't send the full amount of volts needed for the spark plug to produce a great spark this leaves the cylinder with unburnt fuel and air to travel out of the exhaust resulting in the smell of gas something to look out for is to make sure there is no corrosion on the ignition coil connectors as this could also cause the ignition coil to not work